Hooters Launches Meatless 'Unreal' Buffalo Wings

Published 01-06-2020

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"Hooters launches meatless Buffalo wings" is not something we thought we'd write. But in the year of the Lord 2020, the sports bar is now serving meatless chicken.

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At 318 Hooters restaurants across the U.S., diners can now order Unreal Wings made with the meat alternative Quorn. Yes, you read that right. Quorn - not corn - is a dough called mycoprotein made from fermented fungus. According to the brand, it's high in protein and fiber, low in saturated fat and contains no cholesterol. Vegetarians and vegans may recognize Quorn from its range of frozen food products, which include meatless nuggets, meatless steak-style strips, meatless grounds and more.

If you're thinking about going plant-based for Sunday Night Football with the boys, Hooters' Unreal Wings come fried and tossed in any of the chain's 14 sauces and dry rubs including classic Buffalo, BBQ and honey Thai chili pepper, plus dressing for dipping.

Unreal wings are not vegan. They're vegetarian. If you're looking for something completely devoid of animal products (or even if you're not), find the most incredible herbivorous eats in America at the best vegan-friendly restaurant in your state.

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